supercharge your productivity

Supercharge Your Productivity

How many hours of your time you invest working for your business instead of working on your business? How many times you wished to have more hours in your day? How can you scale your business AND have time for your loved ones at the same time?

How to supercharge your productivity?

You can’t take back the hours you spent this week on sorting receipts. Gone! Same with social media posting, taking care of your website updates,  following up with projects and team members, you name it. List can go on.

In the end you waste your precious hours not working on expanding or building your business, but on mundane admin tasks.

We don’t say you can do it all on your own – you know your business best! But with a team support it is always easier, faster and much more pleasant.

Make a list what tasks you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant

First think of the repetitive tasks that you do on monthly or weekly basis – research, case studies, content creation, blog posting, sort receipts, team hours check up or team pays, you get the idea. Check what you constantly do that doesn’t really require your presence.

Yes, it’s true you’re the one who can do it best, but you can check and amend the end result to suit you best. Don’t forget to send your comments to your Virtual Assistant, to help them learn and improve.

Appoint the right task to the right Virtual Assistant

This one can be tricky.

You can’t assign developing or bookkeeping tasks to a Virtual Assistant specialising in data entry. Sounds obvious, but sometimes you slip into believing you have appointed the “do-it-all” VA, and honestly that’s rarely the case.

That’s when a Team comes in to help. Your Virtual Dream Team can easily cover various aspects of your business – website support, social media management, email research, you name it. Every team member focuses their time and energy on the work they do best.

Describe your tasks as detailed as possible

Be as detailed and visual as possible (we can’t stress enough on that!). Just because you consider something as “obvious” or “common sense”, in multinational environment things may differ.  Request your VA to make a SOP (standard operating procedure) based on your description, to ensure they understand the task and can implement it.

Invest the time you saved on what’s most important for you

A Virtual Assistant can save you 20 or more hours per week. Use this time for what’s important for you. Whether it’s your business or your family, or you just want to free time for yourself, it’s all up to you. The more you delegate to your right hand VA, the more time you free up for things that only YOU can do. How valuable is that?!?